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This document details the shipping policy that applies to customers ordering from If you have any questions please email Pump Factor LLC reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. 


Shipping Method & Shipping Time 

Pump Factor LLC and its website use multichannel fulfillment by Amazon. Occasionally another shipping method may be used if circumstances allow, or if it is considerably more convenient (For example backordered products may take significantly longer to process if sent to an Amazon warehouse rather than shipping using USPS, UPS, etc.). Only one shipping option is currently offered at checkout to ensure that customers receive the best shipping experience possible. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) offers its world famous two-day shipping as a service to other businesses. uses Amazon's "Expedited Shipping" option to fulfill orders within roughly two days after order processing. On the website at checkout, this option is listed as "2-Day (Allow 1-2 days for processing)" and does not guarantee that an item will be received within two days. Pump Factor LLC will make every effort to process the order within 1-2 days. After those 1-2 days of processing, Amazon must ship the order to the customer, which typically takes 2 days, but may take longer or shorter. By purchasing from, the customer agrees to this shipping policy, and acknowledges that the shipping method selected at checkout is only for reference, and is not binding. If the customer does not receive the order within 10 days of ordering, they can request the order be reviewed and resent if deemed appropriate by Pump Factor LLC by contacting The customer must reach out within 21 days of the date of order to be considered for a reshipment if the order was not delivered within 10 days. Shipping quality and speed if a top priority for Pump Factor LLC, so do not hesitate to reach out with any questions/concerns. 


Cost of Shipping

Pump Factor LLC subsidizes the cost of shipping to the customer. As of 6/8/2022, Pump Factor charges the customer $3.99 for orders under $50, and $0 for orders equal to or greater than $50. These shipping rates may be modified at any time. 


Shipping Location 

Pump Factor LLC does not currently offer international shipping outside of the United States. FBA covers shipping domestically, and will ship anywhere Amazon U.S. allows and the length of time it takes to deliver an order will equal Amazon's domestic delivery time plus processing time. FBA allows for shipping to Canada and Mexico as well, and any orders fulfilled to those countries in the future will be subject to Amazon's shipping policies. 


Tracking Your Order

Once an order is placed, FBA will provide the tracking information, and it will be communicated to the customer. In many cases, the item will arrive to the customer before the tracking information is updated, due to the speed and efficiency of Amazon's shipping services. 


Backordered Items

Sometimes items sell out, and inventory is not updated fast enough to reflect what is available. In the case that an order is placed while an item is sold out, every effort will be made to get it to the customer as fast and efficiently as possible. Pump Factor LLC has accounts set up to be able to receive supplies needed to create our signature clothing lines within three days. After the supplies are received, the order will be processed and sent within two days. Total time should not take more than 10 days. If delivery time exceeds 10 days, the customer can contact and request an update. At that time the customer may request the order be considered for reshipment if it was already sent and lost by the carrier. The customer must do this within 21 days of the order being placed.